Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dreams and Feelings ... Feelings and Dreams

For the past month I have been writing down things that just seem odd, or that I dream about.  I can be on the computer, watching tv, riding down the road ... just about anything ... and I will smell something that is not caused by anything near me.  As an example I have been at the computer and smelled Pine Trees.  They have a very distinct odor that I do enjoy, but I have nothing pine in my apartment.  I have also smelled things like Juicy Fruit gum (I don't chew gum), and freshly cut sawdust.
Tonight I had a dream that is unsettleing to me.  I woke up about 2 am.  I was living in a trailer, in one close to me a woman was treating her son badly.  I saw her throw him against their trailer.  The police came and checked it.  I don't know what happened to them after that point.  Next I was walking down a long road and she drove up beside me.  She had her son and some young girl in her car.  Then I was on a motorized bicycle.  We both stopped and talked for a moment, then she followed me to a small store.  There was a lunch being served there and I got in line.  I asked about the kids and she said they were in the car, and got in line too.  While serving myself two women pushed in front of me and I got angry.  I woke up then.
I know this woman and her son, she is mean to him but I haven't seen her or him in several years.
I got up and made a pot of coffee and was playing a game online when I heard American Indian Flute music in the distance.  I tried to find where it was coming from but there is nothing on except my coffee pot and computer (and the volume is shut off).  It just stopped after I sat down after trying to see where it was coming from.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I frequently small scents of an odd nature, especially in my bedroom. There's no practical reason for them. Then I suddently realised...spirits.

    Great work on setting up your blog. Am really looking foward to joinig you in the Pagan Blog Project. It will be fun. :)


  2. Often I smell sandalwood, when I have no incense, oils, or haven't burned any in a long time. Phantom scents are the best, aren't they?

    The Flute music you heard reminded me of when my mom used to own a cottage in the country. The cottage was at the foot of what we called the Indian Mound Hill, which had a horse shoe shaped mound at the top. The Spirit activity at the mound was high. Often at night, we would hear drums coming from the hill and sometimes see lights--campfire light--cutting through the thick summer foliage. Keep writing your experiences down. :-) ~)O(~

  3. Thank you celticawitch and Witchfire.
    Yes the smells do give me a peaceful feeling inside. Once I smelled my father's aftershave and it saved my life. I was driving rather fast when it came over me, I slowed down and then my front right tire blew out. I know my father was protecting me.
    I think the Indian Flutes were from my great-grandmother who was Cherokee. I am not sure, but I know that I will find out when it is time.